Quote of the Week
Author: Peter Kropotkin

“The one thing certain is, that whatsoever nation enters on the path of revolution
in our own day, will be heir to all our forefathers have done in France. The blood
they shed was shed for humanity-the sufferings they endured were borne for the
entire human race; their struggles, the ideas they gave to the world, the shock of
those ideas, are all included in the heritage of mankind. All have borne fruit and
will bear more, still finer, as we advance towards those wide horizons opening
out before us, where, like some great beacon to point the way flame the words –
(The concluding paragraph from “The Great French Revolution” by PETER

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Kader Hassim 10.11.1934 – 10.11.2011
by Apdusa Administrator
2013-04-05 19:11:00

Kader Hassim, a principled, disciplined, courageous and loyal member of APDUSA died on 10 November 2011.