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Author: "The Torch"

"Imperialism-Herrenvolkism has no "conscience" or "soul" or "sense of decency". It is not moved to pity or reform by the misery and suffering of the oppressed and exploited people. It causes and lives off this oppression and exploitation, of which poverty, tyranny and suffering are inevitable and inseparable parts. It has no respect for those who seek to end its regime of oppression and exploitation. In fact, it passes laws against, builds jails for, and generally hounds and persecutes those who seek to liberate the impoverished, rightless and voiceless mass which is the foundation of Imperialism-Herrenvolkism. It never repents, because repentance would mean suicide. It never parts with anything voluntarily. It only gives up only what is forced from it. It never departs from the scene of its own accord. It fights with every means at its disposal. It disguises itself where and when it can. It uses any agency or person it can, and in the end, it has to be beaten to its grave by the active, unified, organised, principled and militant struggles of the oppressed and exploited."
(“The Torch” – 19th August 1952)

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Kader Hassim 10.11.1934 – 10.11.2011
by Apdusa Administrator
2013-04-05 19:11:00

Kader Hassim, a principled, disciplined, courageous and loyal member of APDUSA died on 10 November 2011.